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So you are fully preparded for travel to Sri Lanka, you might want to take a look at the Sri Lanka Travel Essentials list I have put together.

Here you will find items I have personally used when I have travelled to Sri Lanka. If it has a tick next to it, it means I have it or use something equivilent.
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SRI LANKA Travel Guides

Having a country guide is a must! Getting one before you leave helps you plan and starts to help you build up a picture of what to expect when you get there.

I personally used 'The Rough Guide to Sri Lanka' but I have included the other popular ones as they are all pretty good.
SRI LANKA Personal Kit

These are items that I usually take regardless of where I'm going. Items such as first aid, chargers, torches bags etc. In Sri Lanka you must take a torch as it can be pretty dark walking down a beach at night! I personally have a nitecore light with strobe function. Solar chargers are handy for phones as you can charge on the go!
SRI LANKA Luxury Items

Really I should call this section 'Toys'! This is mainly electricals, some like cameras are a must, others like Kindels not so much, but handy to have instead of taking lots of heavy books! I also have a collection of Dual-SIM phones as they come in very handy when on the move!